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Field Guide to Fishes of the Grand Canyon State

Author:  Paul C. Marsh, PhD

ISBN:  978-1-58581-049-9

Pub Date:  04/18/2024

Price:   $35.00

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From the Publisher
If you are curious about the fish found in Arizona—whether you are an outdoors enthusiast, a scientist, or simply eager to educate yourself—look no further. Dr. Paul C. Marsh, a leading ichthyologist of Arizona, has authored this authoritative guide just for you.

This comprehensive guidebook meticulously documents and identifies the existence and locations of all currently known native and non-native fish species (a total of 85) within the state, plus 33 rare encounters. Whether you are a seasoned angler or an inquisitive observer, this field guide equips you with everything necessary to identify and familiarize yourself with the fish species inhabiting Arizona:

Maps: Navigate the waters and pinpoint where specific fish can be found.

Identifying Keys: At both the family and species levels, these keys help you determine the fish you are observing.

Photographs: Visual references for each species.

Detailed Text Descriptions: Learn about the unique characteristics of 37 native and 48 non-native fish currently populating the state.

Dr. Paul C. Marsh, with a PhD in Fisheries, has dedicated more than four decades to education, management, and research on native fishes of the American Southwest. As the Principal Investigator on numerous projects involving endangered native fishes, he has authored hundreds of technical reports and peer-reviewed publications on these aquatic inhabitants. Marsh is widely recognized as an expert and authority on the biology and management of southwestern native fishes.

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