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Clay Thompson's Try Not to Worry About It - A Final Collection of Valley 101 Columns

Author:  Clay Thompson

ISBN:  978-0-935810-99-8

Pub Date:  12/17/2018

Size:  6"x9"

Binding:  perfect

Price:   $19.95

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From the Publisher
Clay entertained his readers for almost 20 years, answering any and all questions sent in to the Arizona Republic. Initially intended to answer questions specific to Arizona, the Valley 101 column quickly grew beyond this as Clay started taking on all subjects. Snarky retorts to his readers, and sometimes he actually got around to answering the question at hand. Almost as often, Clay answered it correctly. This is the fourth book of his columns. We lost Clay to the great beyond in April of 2018, but his Q&A writings live on. If you want to be the "smartest" person in the room, read this book!

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